1. House of Ingredients offers Return & Exchange of item if the Customer reports the issues within 3 business days of receiving the item to the Head of eCommerce Department.

2. All goods sold are not refundable.

3. The following discrepancies will be handled as follows:

a) Wrong item or short item delivered.
House of Ingredients reserves the rights to supply the correct item or short item.

b) Additional item delivered
House of Ingredients reserves the rights to collect the additional item from the Customer.

c) Item damaged or defective
House of Ingredients reserves the rights to exchange the item for the Customer.

4. The Customer shall provide the relevant photographs as evidence of the wrong item, short item, damaged item or defective item.

5. For the Return & Exchange of item, the Customer is required to do the following :

a ) Visit the Retail Sales Branch where the customer bought the item

b) or Visit the eCommerce Center if the customer bought online;

c) Provide Original Sales Receipt or paid Sales Invoice;

d) Ensure the item is in the original packaging or box;

e) Ensure the return of all item tags, labels, accessories, complimentary gifts

f ) Returned item must not have the visible signs of wear and usage;

6. Our Return & Exchange Policy does not apply to the following categories :

a) Chilled and frozen items

b)Food ingredients

c) Kitchen appliances

d) Sales item, promotion item, clearance item and discounted item

e) Containers

7. House of Ingredients reserves the right to reject the Return and Exchange of items which do not meet our criteria.