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VH Prof Satin Black Compound Coin 1601


Van Houten Black Satin

In this Instagram generation, taste is no longer the main criteria. Consumers are attracted to food that are beautiful and aspirational to create insta-worthy moments. The appeal of GOTH food is the visual impact. We are used to seeing bright colours for food. If a food is dramatically black, it captures the people’s attention!

Immerse in the world of BLACK

The idea of BLACK has evolved 180 degrees. BLACK is now associated with style, elegance and sophistication. This BLACK trend has also influenced food creations, creating a comeback for Goth food.

As consumers are increasingly health conscious and mindful of what they eat, food ingredients have been rapidly evolving. We are excited to introduce our NEW black cocoa solutions to elevate your GOTH creations to the next level.

Come, ride the BLACK wave and join us to be the next trend setter!


  • Gives a subtle taste that pairs well with other flavours & ingredients
  • Completes your creations with an intense BLACK color with shiny appearance
  • Ready to use for multiple applications like coating, enrobing, moulding and decorations.
  • Made from black cocoa powder and no added coloring



Weight N/A
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1KG, 10x1KG

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