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SAF Instant Yeast 10x11G


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Saf-instant® Instant Dry Yeast

The journey to baking your freshly-made, crispy golden-crusted loaf begins with quality yeast. As bakers, we know the disappointment of cutting into a freshly baked loaf and finding it dense and barely risen. Hours mixing, kneading and shaping dough simply wasted. That’s why we made Saf-instant® instant dry yeast, because we understand the need for quality ingredients for a successful bake.

Gold Saf-Instant suitable for sweet dough with 5-20% sugar on flour weight. Great for sweet buns, sandwich loaves and buns with fillings.


Yeast is what brings the dough to life. Saf-instant® shortens the rise time while still allowing deep complex flavours to develop. Nothing beats the satisfaction of making a loaf which tastes as good as it looks.


Saf-instant® yeast gold or red can be directly mixed with other dry ingredients to form dough without being rehydrated.


Unlike active dry yeast, you can combine our instant yeast directly with dry ingredients when forming a dough. Every time you use Saf-instant®, you are simplifying your baking process and guaranteeing more consistent results.

SHELF LIFE – 2 years from date of production, unless special regulations apply

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