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Kenwood Thermoresist Blender 1.6L KAH359GL


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Kenwood Thermo-resist Blender 1.6L KAH359GL

Maximise the potential of your Kenwood stand mixer and explore what you can do with a variety of kitchen tools and attachments. The Kenwood Glass Blender attachment for stand mixers is the perfect blender for both hot and cold ingredients. Made of durable ThermoResist glass, this blender can withstand ingredients of varying temperatures, blending your hot soup and even the thickest ice-cold smoothie at ease without the risk of thermal cracking.

It is also equipped with the patented MultiZone™ blade that provides 30% more cutting action powered by a high torque motor for perfectly smooth results, and the accompanying stir stick that helps you to efficiently mix even the thickest recipes for a smoother consistency.

  • ThermoResist™ glass
  • Patented MultiZone™ Blade Technology
  • Inclusive of a stir stick
  • 1.6L capacity (cold ingredients)
  • 1.2L capacity (hot ingredients)
  • 2.2kg

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 28 cm

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