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Golden Churn Salted Butter 250G


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Golden Churn Salted Butter


Origin from Australia is not as creamy and fragrant as Origin from New Zealand.

Golden Churn brings you all the wholesome goodness & taste of Australian & New Zealand Butter, just as nature intended, with no artificial colours or flavours. That’s why you can always rely on Golden Churn for goodness, guaranteed. The butter has a distinctive golden color, which comes from the beta-carotene in the milk of cows that graze on fresh, green grass.

Made in the traditional manner, Golden Churn is a premium quality butter preserved only with the addition of salt to provide it with a rich, creamy taste.

Golden Churned Butter has a rich, buttery flavor that is perfect for use in a wide range of recipes. It can be used for baking, cooking, or simply spreading on toast. The butter has a slightly sweet taste and a smooth, velvety texture that makes it a popular choice for many people.

Ingredients : Pasteurized Cream (minimum 80% milk fat), Water, Salt.

Ideal Usage :

  • A butter spread for toast and waffle toppings
  • A butter spread for ready-made servings such as sandwiches
  • A substitute for plain-all purpose butter in pasta and other recipes such as oatmeal.

Storage Condition : Store in a cool dry place before opened. Keep the butter into a clean container once opened and stored in refrigerator.





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