Who is House of Ingredients?2021-01-21T15:54:53+08:00

House of Ingredients (HOI) is one of Malaysia’s well-known one-stop baking center for supplying its huge variety of baking ingredients, equipment and everything else relating to baking for professionals, chefs, bakers, small and medium sized enterprises, modern housewives and home bakers with the slogan “One-stop baking centre from A to Z”.

How many Retail Branches do you have?2021-01-21T15:55:32+08:00

We have 2 Retail Branches in Bandar Sri Damansara and 1 Retail Branch in Selayang Baru. All located in Selangor, Malaysia.

Where are the locations of your Retail Branches?2021-01-21T15:56:44+08:00

Please refer to the HOI Website under the CONTACT US section (OUR STORES).

The latest postal addresses, contact phone numbers and WAZE/GOOGLE MAP locations of our Retail Branches are listed for your information.

What are your business operation hours?2021-08-18T06:29:25+08:00

HOI Outlets
Our Retail Branches are open for business everyday except for Public Holidays.

  • Bandar Sri Damansara (SD13)
    Monday to Saturday : 9:00am – 6:00pm
    Sunday : 9:00am – 2.00pm

  • Bandar Sri Damansara (SD19)
    Monday to Saturday : 9:00am – 6:00pm
    Sunday : 9:00 – 2.00pm

  • Selayang Baru
    Monday to Saturday : 9:00 – 6:30pm
    Sunday : 9:00 – 2:00pm

Online Store
Our Online Web Store is open for business every day.
However the Online Store offices and warehouses are open for business as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday : 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Closed on Public Holidays.
Do you open for business on Malaysia public holidays?2021-01-21T16:00:34+08:00

We will be closed on selected public holidays every year. We will notify our customers at least one week prior to each public holiday.

  1. New Year
  2. Chinese New Year
  3. Labour Day
  4. Hari Raya Puasa
  5. Agong’s Birthday
  6. Hari Raya Haji
  7. National Day
  8. Malaysia Day
  9. Deepavali
  10. Christmas
How do I make an online purchase?2021-01-21T16:07:22+08:00

Using our HOI Online Store, please sign-up as HOI customer account, select the desired items, key in the item quantities, add them into your shopping cart, checkout the shopping cart and proceed for online payment.

Do I need to sign up/create a customer account before I make an online purchase?2021-01-21T16:08:01+08:00

Yes. The visitor to our HOI Online Store must sign-up as our HOI customer account before making an online purchase. By doing so, our customers will get earlier notices of future HOI sales promotions.

Are there price differences between HOI Online Store and HOI Retail Branches?2021-01-21T16:08:40+08:00

The prices in our Online Store will be the same as the prices in all of our Retail Branches. Unless otherwise stated as Sale item, Promotion item, Discounted item or Clearance item. The online prices of our items are valid for online purchase in Malaysia Ringgit and items are delivered to a Malaysian address.

What is the expiry date of the item?2021-01-21T16:10:46+08:00

Different items come with different expiry dates as specified by our Suppliers.

How can I change or cancel my online order?2021-08-07T04:28:32+08:00

You can only change or cancel your online order details before you checkout & pay from the Online Store.

How do I receive my invoice?2021-01-21T16:11:51+08:00

After your checkout and online payment is completed, an e-Invoice in PDF format is generated and stored in the HOI Online system. The customer can print his e-Invoice at anytime.

Is there any minimum purchase per order?2021-01-21T16:13:00+08:00

There is a minimum purchase of RM10 per online order (excluding delivery charge).

Do you accept COD (Cash on Delivery)?2021-01-21T16:13:35+08:00

Our Online Store only accepts online payment via online bank transfer, credit card, debit card or e-Wallet.

Do you deliver to my area?2021-07-27T03:31:36+08:00

We will deliver to all Malaysia addresses served by our appointed Logistics Partners.

However their delivery services will be subjected to the latest guidelines, rules, laws & regulations under the Malaysia Control Order.

How fast do you deliver?2021-01-21T16:15:29+08:00

Each Customer Order will be delivered within 3 business days after your online payment.

How much is the Delivery charge?2021-01-21T16:18:11+08:00

The Delivery charge is calculated by our Logistics Partner based on the following :

  1. Distance of the Customer delivery address from our eCommerce Center.
  2. Total weight of all items purchased in the Customer order.
  3. Total volume space of all items purchased in the Customer order.
  4. Date of delivery selected (charges vary if the date falls on public holidays).
  5. Special requirements e.g. cold chain
  6. Logistics Partner selected for the delivery service.

Your Delivery charge will be stated clearly in the Customer Invoice generated by the HOI Online Store.

What are your delivery hours?2021-01-21T16:19:53+08:00

The delivery hours by our Logistics Partner are generally between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday (excluding Public Holidays).

Do you have express delivery?2021-01-21T16:20:34+08:00

We do not have express delivery service at the moment.

How do I track my delivery parcel?2021-01-21T16:21:36+08:00

Your completed e-Invoice will display the name of the Logistics Partner and your Parcel Tracking Number.

Your delivery parcel will have an external Label with the name of the Logistics Partner and your Parcel Tracking Number.

You can use the HOI Online Store or the independent website www.tracking.com.my to track the progress of your delivery parcel using your unique Parcel Tracking Number.

Who will deliver my order?2021-01-21T16:22:50+08:00

Your Customer order will be delivered by our appointed Logistics Partner.

Can I collect my online paid items from your Retail Branch?2021-01-21T16:23:23+08:00

No, this service is not available at the moment for online items.

No-one was at home during the delivery. Can you arrange for re-delivery?2021-01-21T16:23:59+08:00

If the Customer is not available at his stated delivery address, the Logistics Partner will contact the Customer and inform him of the attempted delivery. It is the responsibility of the Customer to contact the Logistics Partner to arrange for the next delivery.

Additional charges may apply for re-delivery attempts.

Can I change my order to send to another delivery address?2021-01-21T16:24:31+08:00

The Logistics Partner will deliver to ONE delivery address per Customer Order. The customer delivery address cannot be changed after the Customer Order is checkout and paid online.

What happens if something is out of stock?2021-01-21T16:25:10+08:00

If a paid item in your online order is out of stock, we will call or message you with suggestions to replace it with a similar item or with an option to cancel the item. If you choose to cancel the item, we will refund the value of the canceled item.

When will I receive my refund?2021-01-21T16:26:27+08:00

Your refund will be credited back into your Account in accordance with your Bank’s or e-Wallet company’s standard practices. Please note that each issuer Bank and e-Wallet company will have different time periods to transfer the credited sum into your Account.

How do I report a problem with my delivered items?2021-08-07T04:26:20+08:00

Please read our Return & Exchange Policy under the CONTACT US section (POLICIES) of our HOI Website.

I changed my mind about my online purchase.  Can I get a refund?2021-01-21T16:28:03+08:00

No. You are advised to check your items before you check out and pay online. All goods sold online are not refundable due to your stated reason.

I have bought HOI Premixes from your Retail Branch. Where can I get the Recipes for the Premixes?2021-08-07T04:27:21+08:00
  1. All of our Recipes & Baking videos are available online in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (RECIPES).
  2. You can also collect the Recipes from our CRM counter in our Retail Branches.
  3. You can also send us an email with your Premix Name and we will email the relevant Recipe to you.
Do you provide any Baking classes?2021-01-21T16:30:45+08:00

Yes, we publish our Baking classes Schedule in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (BAKING CLASSES). All details for each Baking Class and the Instructor-Chefs are also included for your information.

How can I enrol for your Baking Class?2021-01-21T16:31:45+08:00

You can enrol and pay for your selected Baking Class in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (BAKING CLASSES).

Where can we get information about your Sales Promotions?2021-01-21T16:33:05+08:00

We communicate our Sales Promotions to our customers using the following channels:

  • HOI Website under the PROMOTIONS section
  • HOI Official Facebook account
  • HOI Official Instagram account
  • HOI Official Emails
  • HOI Retail Branches Notices
Where can we use our HOI Vouchers?2021-01-21T16:34:10+08:00

All HOI Vouchers can be used in our HOI Online Store as well as in our Retail Branches.

You can get more information in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (VOUCHERS).

Does HOI have any Reward System for your customers?2021-01-21T16:34:54+08:00

You can get more information in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (CUSTOMER REWARDS).

Do you sell Electrical Appliances?2021-01-21T16:35:48+08:00

Yes, we sell a range of electrical appliances including ovens, proofers, coffee machines, bread makers, blenders and more from our branded Appliance Partners such as EKA, Delonghi, Kenwood, MILUX, MORGAN, KHIND, MISTRAL and others.

You can get more information in our HOI Website under the PRODUCTS section (APPLIANCES).

How can I change my password for my HOI Customer Account?2021-01-21T16:36:36+08:00

You can change your password in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (CUSTOMER SIGN UP).

How can I register to be a HOI Corporate Sales Account?2021-01-21T16:37:04+08:00

You can get more information in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (CORPORATE ORDERS).

How can I order and self-collect from HOI Retail Branches?2021-01-21T16:37:57+08:00

You can get more information in our HOI Website under the SERVICES section (ORDER & COLLECT).

More Questions?2021-08-13T07:49:14+08:00

If you have more questions for us, please send them to us via our HOI Website under CUSTOMER SERVICES section (EMAIL) or directly to our Company email : customer.care@e-houseofingredients.com.my

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