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House of Ingredients (HOI) is one of Malaysia’s well-known one-stop baking center for supplying its huge variety of baking ingredients, equipment and everything else relating to baking for professionals, chefs, bakers, small and medium sized enterprises, modern housewives and home bakers with the slogan “One-stop baking centre from A to Z”. Some of HOI’s main popular items include imported quality baking ingredients (wholesale), mould, packaging, tools and recipe books too. Furthermore, HOI also provides a platform where everyone could share and enhance their baking skills by attending baking classes conducted by experienced international bakers. Other services such as quality personalized flavouring and exporting baked goods are also available at HOI. Definitely the perfect place for everyone who loves to bake!

House Of Ingredients was founded in 2000, and currently has stores in both industrial areas of Bandar Sri Damansara and Selayang. HOI has always been devoted to a belief in the business: “Everyone Can Bake”, which is also reflected from many types of baking-related products sold in the stores.

In the Bandar Sri Damansara industrial area, we have two Retail Branches which consist of 2 different departments: Non-Food and Food. Our Bandar Sri Damansara first Branch SD19 has two shopping floors. The ground floor displays our products ranging from baking ingredients, premixes, food coloring, flavouring, yeasts, plastic containers and many more. The first floor displays recipe books and baking equipment such as cake tins. Next door, our second Branch SD13 provide a large variety of choices from cake decorations, utensils, plastic containers, baking equipment and appliances, including products from our partners such as EKA, Kenwood, Milux, Morgan, Sinmag, Soner and DeLonghi.

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Many of HOI’s baking ingredients, creatively-designed baking mould and decorative items for baked goods are specially customized and designed with the manufacturers from foreign countries, such as Italy, Germany, Brazil, China, Korea, Singapore and more. All of these special and customized baking products can be found in our Retail Branches, under the non-edible/non-food section.

As for the edible section, a big range of baking powders, fillings, edible colouring, flavouring, chocolates, edible decorations and anything else that you will possibly need for baking can be found here. Some of these ingredients are even imported from overseas for its good quality. Also, our premixes are all packed according to HOI’s specially designed simple-to-follow baking recipes for everyone’s convenience, and guarantees the taste and quality of the end product. A retailing method that certainly ties in with HOI’s core belief of “Everyone Can Bake.”

Everything You’ll Ever Need From A To Z

In House Of Ingredients, there is not just a wide array of products, we offer exclusive classes, events, and many more

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