Rich’s Wilber Farms Dessert Topping 400G

By |May 23, 2022|

Rich’s Wilber Farms Aerosol Cream Product Features: Wilber Farms Dessert Topping Creamy and delicious. Instantaneous ready to use throughout a foodservice operation from desserts to drinks. Saves time as no whipping and mixing needed. Top-notch quality. Made with real cream. Storage: Keep refrigerated Weight: 400G Brand: Rich’s Wilber Farms Dessert Topping is a dairy product from Belgium with Halal certification. This is an aerosol product that is perfect for decorating desserts, cakes and beverage items. Anytime, anywhere, it provides a beautiful topping with great dairy flavor and strong dairy aroma. Made with cream, Europe improved formula, Halal Dessert Topping. From Belgium. Ingredients: [...]

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