Daisy Corn Oil

By |December 8, 2021|

Daisy Corn Oil Ingredients: The only ingredient in this product is corn oil. Daisy Corn Oil Ingredients: When storing this product, ensure that it is kept in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight, such as the pantry or cupboard. After every use, make sure the bottle is securely fastened. Origin: Malaysia

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Daisy Margarine

By |October 22, 2021|

Daisy Margarine Margarine Daisy Margarine with BakePlus, made from pure vegetable oils, is excellent for baking, giving a more buttery taste to the end product. BakePlus helps to increase cake and creaming volume. Besides, Daisy Margarine is versatile for other different applications such as cooking, pan-frying, barbeque and roasting.   Daisy Margarine is cholesterol free and enriched with 9 vitamins; hence, it is ideal to use as bread spread for healthy growing children and families. Available in 400g, 800g, and 4.8kg

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