Anchor Cream Cheese 1KG

By |February 20, 2023|

Anchor Cream Cheese A baker’s best friend With its delightfully creamy flavour, Anchor Cream Cheese is made to blend beautifully into all your creations. Sweet. Savoury. Or even on its own – this little wonder is a big hit in both hot and cold recipes. This mild cream cheese brings outstanding texture to any recipe – so it won’t just look and taste great, but give you great results. "Blending in beautifully." Traditionally cultured with a delicious creamy flavor, Anchor™ Cream Cheese blends beautifully with a wide range of sweet and savory flavors.  The cream cheese performs in hot and cold recipes [...]

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Anchor Butter

By |April 26, 2022|

Anchor Pat Butter : Nothing beats a better butter Rich, creamy butter. Beautifully crafted from pure New Zealand pasteurised creams, it’s butter that’s naturally delicious. In a convenient smaller format our Anchor Pat Butter is a must have for any chef. Our traditional kiwi butter will work wonders for your culinary creations. Made in New Zealand: Made in New Zealand, this butter has a beautiful yellow colour. Full flavour: Made with high-quality pasteurised cream. A true all-rounder: Pastries, desserts, cakes, icing, baking, biscuits or sauces… you get the idea. Serving size: 227g/250g Nutrition information - Average Quantity per 15g Serving [...]

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Anchor Colby & Cheddar Shredded 1KG

By |May 17, 2022|

Anchor Colby & Cheddar Shredded Anchor Food Professionals Colby & Cheddar Shredded Cheese is a smooth mild flavored cheese with a soft body. It is the easy, fast and cost-effective way to add flavor and texture to pasta dishes, sauces, melts, sandwiches and salads. Cheese that has been sent through a shredder to create shreds of cheese. Shredded cheese is generally used as an ingredients. The best way to use as a topping for foods such as salads, sandwishes, soup, pizza, lasagna, pasta, bread, biscuit, pie, grill/baked chicken and many other savory dishes! "it’s the best of New Zealand dairy [...]

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Anchor Culinary Cream 1L

By |April 26, 2022|

Anchor Culinary Cream The high-performance professional With its partially reduced formula, this delicious cream reduces cooking time, food cost and wastage. Specially formulated to hold hot temperatures, it is ideal for cook - chill - reheat applications. An already reduced consistency cream means shorter cooking times, great consistency and higher yield. That means when you buy one quart, you use one quart. Creams that are perfect for making sauces ahead of time to re-heat without any splitting or curdling. Anchor Culinary Cream are fast becoming the cream of choice for foodservice professionals, as they look for a product that won’t [...]

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Anchor Full Cream Milk 1L

By |April 26, 2022|

Anchor Full Cream UHT Milk  provides the goodness of milk with the versatility of being ready when you need it. Anchor UHT Milk is our creamy classic from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. Each glass is rich in calcium and protein-essential nutrients for everyone in your family. Breakfast, baking, or as pre bedtime beverage, Anchor Full Cream Milk is always ready for you! It has a full bodied milk taste and packed with beneficial nutrients that help to fuel muscles and build strong bones. "It is a nutritious drink for you , your family and can be used in a [...]

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Anchor Whipping Cream

By |April 26, 2022|

10141910000000496 Anchor Whipping Cream “Our secret? This cream can be used as an all-round little wonder at work – perfect for pouring, whipping, decorating, and adding delicious texture or flavour.” The high-performing whipping cream for all patisserie, dessert and beverage needs. Ideal for piping and cake decorating- for premium presentation, every time. Looks great. Tastes delicious. And it’s one of the best performing whipping creams you’ll ever use. Designed by professionals for professionals, your patisserie, dessert and beverages will go from finished pieces – to masterpieces. Highly stable, easy to work with, and made with New Zealand dairy goodness, it’s [...]

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