(I) General

  1. Our Baking classes are described in HOI e-Commerce website.
  2. Our Baking classes are held in our HOI LEON Baking Studio.
  3. Our Baking classes are conducted by Professional Chefs.
  4. Our typical Baking class will have minimum 3 and maximum 10 participants.
  5. All photos and videos recorded by HOI during the Class are the property of HOI which can be used in future marketing or publicity.
  6. All participants are expected to be dressed appropriately for their Class.
  7. All participants are responsible for their own personal belongings during the Class.
  8. All participants must follow the instructions of the Instructor-Chef and Baking Class manager during the Class.
  9. All Baking classes are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

All terms and conditions herein shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

(II) Class Enrolment

  1. The enrolment of participants for each Class will be closed three days before the Class date.
  2. You will be a confirmed Participant in a Class after full payment of the Class Fee.
  3. Any children younger than 10 years old are not allowed in the classroom when the class is in progress.
  4. Any family member older than 10 years old who is present in the classroom will be charged as a full participant.
  5. No one is allowed to attend any Class on behalf of the another confirmed Class participant.
  6. You can register for a free membership via our HOI e-Commerce website. (SERVICES – CUSTOMER SIGN UP – MY ACCOUNT – REGISTER)
  7. You can enrol and pay for our Baking classes by using our e-Commerce website. (SERVICES – BAKING CLASSES – Selected Class – Click Here To Register Class – BOOK A CLASS – Enter Participant Data – SIGN UP – PAY).

(III) Class Cancellation

  1. If any class is canceled by HOI due to less than minimum participants or other reasons, your class fees will be fully refunded to your Bank Account after 14 working days.
  2. If you canceled your enrolled class for any reason, HOI will refund 80% of the class fee to your Bank Account after 14 working days. The remaining 20% will be refunded as “House Coins” into your membership account within seven working days.
  3. You can use your “House Coins” to pay for your purchases in HOI e-Commerce website.
  4. The Baking Class Manager will communicate with all participants about any changes in Baking classes via their registered Email addresses and mobile phones.

(IV) Baking Class

The Baking Class will include the following:

  1. The Instructor-Chef will conduct all class instructions.
  2. The Class may be conducted as either a demo-class or a hands-on practical class.
  3. Please read the Class description which will inform you whether the Chef will provide the ingredients and tools or for you to bring your own.
  4. Use of ovens & other kitchen equipment in our Baking Studio.
  5. For each full-day class, light snacks will be provided by the Chef during lunch break.
  6. Drinking water will be provided to all participants.
  7. Each participant must bring his own food container so that he can take home his own baked creation.
  8. A Certificate of Attendance will be given to each participant.

(V) Contact Information

  1. The official HOI e-Commerce website address is: https://houseofingredients.com.my/
  2. The official HOI Baking Class Studio is located at 19, JALAN GANGSA SD 5/3F, BANDAR SRI DAMANSARA, 52200 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA
    Telephone: +60 3 6274 2262
    Email: bakingclassmgr@hoibi.com.my
  3. For any other matters, please contact the Baking Class Manager (Ng Seow Peng) at +60 16 663 0916.